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Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Subject:I found this while randomly surfing and it amused me
Posted by:banned.
Time:11:32 pm.

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Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Subject:*Crickets chirp*
Posted by:banned.
Time:9:37 am.
Mood: contemplative.
Anyone still come here? I'd really like an active community to talk O and A -_-
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Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Posted by:preciouszipster.
Time:2:50 am.
Does anyone think Jim Norton would be mad if someone referred to a tranny as an "it"?
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Friday, July 13th, 2007

Subject:Lil' Jimmy's signing @ Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ
Posted by:kingruchaka.
Time:11:27 pm.
I went to a VERY small (seemed to be privately owned) bookstore yesterday for a book signing of Jim Norton's book Happy Endings.  Let it be known that the book sold out just as I got into the VERY long line that had amassed, 99.99% composed of "pests."  Who would have guessed it.  So, no signed book in hand.  However, since my g/f (who is slowly turning into a pest, and a fan of the Opie and Anthony show) had told me that this bookstore, however small, keeps their promise that once they get more books in, they will somehow get in touch with Lil' Jimmy Norton to have them sign the books.  We shalll see.  The loophole this store has though is that "all books to be signed MUST be bought at the store.  No outside books are to be signed."

In a way, I was, in a small way, shocked that they sold out of the book.  It seemed as if nobody at the store had never listened, nor heard of, the Opie and Anthony show.  While trying to find parking, I must have seen up to 30 WOW stickers (WOW stands for Whip''em Out Wednesday-now loosely defined as Whip'em Out Whenever) (I hope you can guess what the "'em" part stands for if you are not a faithful listener).  This doesn't even go for the fans who didn't put stickers on their car.

Anyway, while on line, the word has spread that you can still go in, even if you aren't buying the book.  So, I figured "F*** this, c'mon hun, lets go in", she needed to pick up a book on hold for her mother anyway.  I was wearing a shirt I had made up right at the time O and A had been suspended from XM, with a picture of an XM WOW sticker on the front and on the back, it had the following:


or SOB's!  Corny I know, but I LIKED IT!  On the way in, I saw another fan of the show, AKA known as No Filter Paul.  No Filter Paul do not have much interaction, other than live O and A events, but he knows me as "make my own t-shirt" guy.  So that is my title.  "Make My Own T-Shirt Guy!"  YAY  It goes back a few years ago to when O and A made a live appearance in Belmar, NJ to announce their gig on XM.  Ever since then, I became a hit, even with everyone else, and got a shitload of comments on it.  So, every event now, I have to have a homemade t-shirt.  The only event I went to, I didn't have a homemade shirt, and No Filter Paul goes to me "Dude, where's your shirt!, you're Make Your Own T-Shirt Guy!.  So, even though I didn't "hand make" Thursday's shirt, Paul still liked that it was "homeade" even if I had to pay this time.  Go figure, Paul liking something.  Though his dauhter said yesterday "Dad, shut up, you're annoying."  I almost burst out laughing, but didn't want to make it TOO obvious.  Though, Paul doesn't care what he says.  Hence "No Filter Paul."

In the store, with my WOW shirt, and while Samara was getting her book, anf after Jimmy made his opening remarks (which I heard on a speaker upstairs, I had no clue at first there were TWO floors and Jimmy was downstairs at first) I finally realized there was a second floor.   I find the steps, and some employee of the bookstore goes to me "are you with them?"  Kinda thrown aback, I respond "HUH?  WHA?"  He goes "Jim Norton and O and A.  Are you with them."  So I go "Oh, yeah.  I'm with them."  Otherwise, I doubt I would have gotten downstairs, since there was a line to get downstairs, upstairs.  After Samara got done what she needed to do, she couldn't find me, and called me on my cell.  She asked whre I was, and told her where I was.  The same guy stopped her, and her response was "oh, my boyfriend is downstairs."

In between signings, the guy who escorts the boys while out on "tour" was there, Kenny, so I go "Kenny, Can I get a quick pic w/Jimmy?"  He says, "Yeah, sure." He lets me hop in w/Samara to snap a pic, and meanwhile, since yesterday was "Fun Fact Thursday" I told Lil' Jimmy I had a fun fact to share with him about "Oral Treats." His eyes LIT up like there was no tomorrow, and asked what it was.  Basiclly, the fun fact was that "women who are college educated enjoy giving and receiving oral treats more than women who are high school dropouts." He LOVED it, and goes "Oh, thanks man."  Sorry Juie, I couldn't get in the fact how much he loved your appearance, I was thinking kinda more of my fun fact.  Don't hate me.  The pic of me, Jimmy and Samara, came out pretty well I think.  I will hopefully post it this weekend, since I have a shitload of other shit to do, and work on vids from my company picnic that we had today.  Hopefully by Sunday it'll be up.

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Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Posted by:polyemtgirl.
Time:1:43 am.
Can anyone tell me what font is used in these two graphics? I'm mostly in need of the one on the left, but if anyone could tell me which is on the right also, that would be great... TIA!

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Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Subject:Zag's message on Wackbag
Posted by:wahhappen.
Time:10:48 pm.
This is a very long message from Zag, the head honcho over on Wackbag, that he posted while he was doing his nightly backup of the server. I suggest everyone read every part of it - it makes a lot of sense...


While I run the backup - this is for the people who don't read the announcements :p

First off, let me say THANK YOU to every one of the fans out there that have supported, and continue to support O&A by canceling your XM subscriptions. I am SURE that if O&A could say anything, they would be saying the exact same thing over, and over, and over again! I am also SURE that our efforts are being watched and noted on by Opie and Anthony.

Last week, when the "suspension" was announced, I was greatly taken aback. Thoughts of August, 2002 flooded back into my head. However, this time around, a lot more people "in-the-know" know me, and know the amount of people I can reach. The same goes for Doug over at FBA, and more recently Deb at PAC. Coupling my "position" as admin, as well as personal relationships and friendships that developed over the years, I am sometimes privy to information which is helpful and useful. Last week, I was told "O&A are fired" ... now, think about every time in the past that O&A were suspended. Also, think about any time in the past any radio personality was suspended. Where can you hear them now? That's right - you can't - because they were fired. Why would anyone think differently with this suspension? Why would O&A think any differently either? They are the ones who have been through this two times in the past, and NEVER has their company at the time stood up for them.

O&A have said on the air many times that they have a better feeling about XM than previous companies. Why is that? Because XM is a paid-for service. The people who are subscribing are doing that because they WANT to hear the content which XM provides. XM subscribers are more than just passive listeners, they are active listeners because they seek out this specific content. Now, I'm not saying that every XM subscriber is an O&A fan, nor am I saying that every O&A fan are active listeners to the show, hanging on every word that comes out of the speakers - but we are ALL active in the sense that we DO seek out the type of content that O&A put out for us, and any of the other XM channels.

Think about the time when O&A were an extra $2/month on-top of your XM sub. Think about the people who paid that, just to hear the show. If you didn't start listening until after they became part of the standard XM platform, ask yourself "Had I known then what I know now, would I have paid the extra $2 to hear them?" (Keeping in mind that the monthly subscription rate was only $9.95 then, as opposed to the $12.95 it is now). I'm sure that a large percentage of people would say "Yes, I would gladly pay the extra $2." Why? Because WE are the consumer, and WE have a choice in what we want to hear!

Now - let's take a look at the past several weeks:
  1. O&A have commented on other radio personalities and the firings based on what they said, and said they wouldn't have apologized.
  2. O&A have a homeless guy on air, and he says some things, which TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT look really bad, and evil (let's face it - in the "real world" rape is not really something to be taken light hearted, and is a devastating and traumatic event to anyone who is a victim of it, however in the context of what was said by him, it was not a threat or anyone condoning the act - but "locker room" conversation.)
  3. Mass-Media picks up on what was said, takes it OUT of context, twists the truth of what was said, and makes a big deal out of it.
  4. XM reacts - "Forces" O&A to apologize on both shows for the comments made, which XM is well within their right to do as O&A's employer. They also tell O&A to not speak of the incident again.
  5. O&A Apologize, do not like that they have to but do it to save their jobs.
  6. The following week: O&A mention the situation on-air, which upsets XM upper management. XM issues a "you're suspended" statement to O&A and then to the public.
If you're thinking to yourself "Something doesn't seem to fit" or "But.. O&A have done much worse on-the-air in the past, why is this such a big deal?

The answer: Merger

Any corporate merger is a tricky operation to complete, as there are always 100's if not 1000's of variables that must be examined carefully, and thought out thoroughly. Let's face it - from a financial perspective both companies DO stand to gain a tremendous amount from it - costs are spread out across 2 companies, payroll can be reduced by eliminating duplicate jobs, technology is shared and subscription base is increased significantly in one fell swoop. However, another variable, specifically in this case is: How to take the ONLY 2 competing Satellite companies and form ONE company without it being perceived as a monopoly, which it clearly is. Only the government can "make the call" as to if this merger would create a monopoly.

One method is to "promise" to the customers that nothing is going to change. That obviously was a promise which was easily broken.

Another method is to prove to the government agencies that govern such decisions that your proposed deal is "safe" and that it will not create any sort of an unfair imbalance. How can you do this? One way is to prove that you can control your own airwaves. Why is that important? Well, one of the agencies that has a say in this is the same agency that has had an eye on regulating satellite radio as well as cable tv for many, many years: The FCC

Now, you might ask yourself, what does the FCC have to do with a suspension of O&A on satellite radio? Well, let's take a look at this:
  • Fact: the FCC has been eying Satellite radio for years, trying to get their "foot in the door".
  • Fact: while some argue that there is no way the FCC can get their "foot in the door" - they CAN influence other agencies to approve or deny mergers. (how many times does this happen in politics, one politician or group of people want something accomplished, so they "ask a favor" of another politician or group, then that favor gets returned - look at the executive branch of the US - how many cabinet members are in their positions because they deserve to be there, not just because they were "xx politician's buddy"
Cut back to last week for a moment:
  • O&A are suspended and we are told "It's a 30 day suspension"
  • What purpose does this suspension serve? Again, "We've heard them say much worse on-the-air"
  • The "Suspension" serves 2 purposes:
    1. Suspending O&A sends a clear message from XM to the FCC: "We [XM] can keep control of our own airwaves"
    2. It allows XM to gather data about "when O&A are gone, it won't have an effect on subs going up or down when companies merge"
    3. Why did XM think this would work? Because they expected us, the consumers to sit back, shut up, and wait it out.
And then what happened....?

XM was COMPLETELY TAKEN BY SURPRISE at how fast, and how many cancellations would follow.
  • Call hold-times at XM went from 10 mins, to 30 mins, to 90+ mins within 6 hours of the announcement.
  • XM started offering 30, then 60 (and by some report 90) days of "free service" - just to scramble and try to KEEP US.
  • People started noticing that "hey, my radio isn't cancelled, even though I cancelled it 2 days ago" - another tactic by XM to minimize the loss (on paper) until the end of the 2nd quarter
  • "Suspending" O&A for 4 weeks makes them very, VERY easy targets for the media, since they can not discuss the matter on-air, and can not discuss it with media outlets because it is so closely tied to this merger. In order for them to "keep their job" they can't talk about the merger, since they are not authorized to do so (for the people who work in corporate offices, you can agree with me that in most cases, only a few "approved" people can talk to the media and even fewer "approved" people can talk to the media about financial matters)
  • Taking XM's "30 day suspension" at face value and projecting:
    • June 15th rolls around, and O&A come back, millions of fans don't know that they are back.
    • Many don't re-subscribe because they have lost faith, others don't care.
    • Merger goes through and XM absorbs the debt of Sirius
    • Old animosity comes into play, and the airwaves go dark like they did in 2002, only this time - it's permanent.
    • People have given up on following radio personalities, only to have them disappear.
The solution?
  • XM will survive nicely.
  • Sirius will continue to struggle.
  • O&A sit pretty on XM airwaves and all of this nonsense goes away for good...
How to stop the merger?
  • The FCC is the only hope to help stop the merger. Why?
    • The FCC doesn't know how Stern is doing on Sirius
    • A merger would resurrect Stern's dead career, because now he would be speaking to millions more than he is now.
    • The FCC HATES Stern and for years has tried to get him off of the airwaves.
To Sum things up:
  • We really, REALLY need to keep focus here on what's important for the show.
Here is a "prettier" version of this announcement:

XM was completely caught off guard with the mass exodus, and it is sending a very STRONG message to them, as well as many political outlets - which is a VERY good thing for the show, because they "had no idea"

Some people have caught on - that it's not 100% a free-speech issue, but a business/financial issue as well. If you look at stock prices and stock value over the last 12 months, you can clearly see who is the "stronger company" ... you also know which company accrued a tremendous amount of debt in the last 18 months - debt which could be absorbed by a stronger company, should a business arrangement be made.

However, weaker companies have management which has a hatred/vendetta against specific people for whatever reasons.

However, there is a government agency which *also* has a hatred/vendetta against specific weaker talent, as well as having eyeball on Satellite radio and Cable TV for years. This agency has the power to stop business arrangements by refusing to "give their blessing"

Since the agency can't control the content, management tries to show that they can self-police, therefore pacifying the desire to 'control satellight content' which in turn makes it easier to "give their blessing" to business arrangements.

Business arrangements are made, and suddenly personal vendettas/hatred come into play once again - and *poof* airwaves go quiet like they did 5 years ago, however this time it is permanent.

I know this was a long announcement, and it has a lot of content in it - and I appreciate you reading all the way to the bottom! :)
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Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Subject:XM Customer Service Hell
Posted by:4abudabit.
Time:1:22 pm.
Did you have a hellish experience with XM customer service? Did they say they were canceling you but not cancel you? Did they make you wait on hold for over an hour? Did you have to call back multiple times? XM's behavior has been ridiculous, and there are rumors from inside the company that they were told to delay cancels past the stock holders meeting on the 25th.

If you had any of these experiences, you have a right as a consumer to let your voice be heard:





And if you think you were part of an attempt to lie to the stock holders:

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Friday, May 18th, 2007

Posted by:fragilegrrl.
Time:3:26 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
So, I just called XM to cancel my two radios that up until yesterday, I had on seperate plans. I specifically called yesterday to merge them onto one account and then called today to cancel...only to have them do more work. When I told "Sheila" (they do not like to give you their last names or location) why I wanted to cancel, she offered me the credit and then told me about how I could go onto xmonline.com to listen to all of my "favorite channels" if I continued service for a month for free. Of course, my snide remark to that was "Yeah...except for Opie and Anthony!" She then said that "Opie and Anthony were told NOT to talk about this matter as an agreement with XM. They then went on the air and discussed the matter. This was all a matter of miscommunication". She then assured me that they have not been fired and it's XM's plan to have them back on the air in June. Now, when my manager called to cancel his XM subscription, the guy on the phone (sounded like he was reading from a script but so did "Sheila") said that he supported free speech. What a contrast. I asked the rep yesterday what her last name was and she said it was "Cummin" Yeah. When I then asked her location she said "Caribbean". Okay!
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Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Posted by:nofate301.
Time:8:00 pm.

looks like we're making a splash

and there is no way that this picture is from xm years
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Subject:Companies on our side
Posted by:catullus_5.
Time:5:51 pm.
Here's a place to spend the money you're not paying XM anymore:


As of May 15 at 3:30pm EST, we pulled our advertising spots from XM Radio. We pulled our spots from both Radio Disney (Channel 115) and The Virus (Channel 202). We have done this in response to XM Radio's censoring of the Opie and Anthony Show by suspending them for 30 days. It is apparent that XM Radio is beholden to crybaby special interest groups who cannot separate humor from reality. It is also unfortunate that XM Radio executives don't have the guts to stand up for their on air talent.

I have contacted other XM Radio advertisers and have asked them to pull their adverting spots. It appears that many of them already are. Please be advised that spots cannot be pulled overnight. Some are already in the "hopper" and may air for the remainder of the week. Some other sponsors are doing the right thing and are pulling their spots. Please give them time to finish the cycle this week before you actively boycott their products. Thanks for your time.

NashvilleCoffee.com. Coffee the way it should be, fresh.

Lou Galli
General Manager
Nashville Coffee Company, Inc
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Posted by:wahhappen.
Time:4:01 pm.
Post this anywhere and everywhere you can think of. I am spreading this all around the internet, but would like more people to do so as well. Other LJ communities, Myspace, facebook, message boards, etc...

HTML code:

<a href="http://www.peopleagainstcensorship.com" title="People Against Censorship - Be Not Silenced. Join us and protect entertainment from a vocal minority."><img src="http://www.cokelogic.com/temp/pac-banner.jpg" alt="People Against Censorship - Be Not Silenced. Join us and protect entertainment from a vocal minority." /></a>

People Against Censorship - Be Not Silenced. Join us and protect entertainment from a vocal minority.
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Subject:service actually canceled?
Posted by:itsnotpierre.
Time:8:53 am.
Has anyones service actually been turned off? i canceled mine over 36 hours ago, and its still on. and my refund hasn't been issued either. i think they are screwing with us.
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Subject:Just heard the news
Posted by:larryv.
Time:7:58 am.
The Poker Tournament this weekend has been canceled. Speculation is that Showboat pulled out.

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Subject:Letter from Brother Elmo
Posted by:megiloth.
Time:8:25 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Many of you know me. Many of you have met me. I want you to listen to me for a moment. These are my own views and I do not claim to speak on behalf of anyone else.

We are at war here and I'm pissed off as all hell. Hyperbole aside, this is very real. Many people are wondering why they should cancel their XM subscriptions. The answer is simple. Opie & Anthony, by their actions towards their fans, have fostered a communal environment among the pests. They sponsor comedy tours and various live events where they stay and meet every single last fan. They show up at F.H. Riley's just to hang out with everyone. They fill the studio up each morning with pests who are able to watch the show as it's created. They take care to treat the PalTalk cameras as an important aspect of the show, so viewers across the country can easily take part. No one, and I mean no one, treats their fans better than O & A!!! And right now they need us--every single one of us--to stand up, be counted and send XM an unequivocal message.

When they were ushered off of the air in 2002 they had a huge backbone of fan support, but it didn't matter. They were thrown under the bus. What's different now is that we all pay for XM Satellite Radio. We will make a difference this time around because we control the purse strings. Every cancellation is future revenue out of XM's pocket. But every single person reading this must RIGHT NOW call XM and outright cancel their subscription. I'm sorry, but nothing else is acceptable!!!! I don't want to hear that someone is "waiting to see if they'll still be on in a month."

XM's actions are obvious business decisions. By offering freebies of 30 or 60 days, they are blatantly trying to keep their subscription numbers up. Why? So when this fades away, as they hope it will, their balance sheets won't reflect the reality of numbers lost! The only way a lost sub will count as a lost sub is to OUTRIGHT CANCEL it now. I'm personally asking you to do this. I am asking you to tell every subscriber you know to do the same. Outright cancellation.

Some want to hold onto their subscriptions to avoid a reactivation fee in the future. Let me hit you with some harsh reality. No one in radio history has ever been 'suspended' without being fired. It doesn't happen and it's only XM's way of trying to spread out the story to avoid mass cancellations. Unfortunately, the ONLY thing XM will understand is a mass cancellation. Can I guarantee that O&A are fired? No, I cannot, but I think we all know where this is going. If we are able to win this war, then XM would be incredibly stupid not to waive the reactivation fees. Clearly by their recent moves they are making horrendous business decisions, but you do hope that logic would return at some point.

What bothers me most is XM's complete cowardice in this matter. Using various despicable excuses for the 'suspension.' It's as if the brave knight faced a tiny little mouse and decided to turn tail and run!! With the absurdity of the recent spate of radio firings, XM needed to not only SUPPORT Opie & Anthony, but to VIGOROUSLY DEFEND them!! Boy, did they let every one of us subscribers down!! How many times can we say it? XM Channel 202 is an uncensored XL SATELLITE radio station. The absolute last bastion of free speech. The press and the pundits that XM bowed to seem to ignore this fact. We, the PAYING fans, will not forget this fact. We pay for uncensored radio. We know it's uncensored radio. We want our uncensored radio back!!

Cancel now!!!!!!!

Thank you for supporting the boys.

--Brother Elmo

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Posted by:itsnotpierre.
Time:10:48 am.
some people don't get it

you have to cancel.

you're not doing anything by accepting the 30 day credit. you think you're "hitting them in the wallet" but your not. offering a 30 day credit is cheaper than have to reactivate thousands of accounts, YES activating accounts costs THEM money. And your still counted as a subscriber which is all the investors care about. your not supporting the cause by taking the credit either. your still on the books if you haven't canceled. you might as well have not even bothered to call and wait on hold.

they have a gag order and can't talk about the suspension or firing because it will dead their contract and they'll lose out on an shit load of money, the boys aren't stupid.

and i don't want to hear anything but thank yous from the people too cheap to cancel when they are put back on air because of the mass cancelation (not your complaints)
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Posted by:kingruchaka.
Time:11:15 pm.
Due to an emergency at home, I just called XM to "suspend" my account because of the O and A "scandal." According to the rep I talked to, Amy, she had informed me that 28% of th subs had called in to cancel or "suspend" the account pending the outcome of what happens with O and A, and that XM does not know what thy are going to do now because of this.

So, I guess it is comforting to know slightly more than 1/4 of the XM nation is behind the b...b..b...boys right now.

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Subject:From Foundry Music...
Posted by:top_dead_center.
Time:6:00 pm.

Drumroll... aaaaaaaaaaand...

Press Release:
WASHINGTON and NEW YORK, May 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- XM Radio announced today that the company has suspended Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia, hosts of "The Opie & Anthony Show" and ceased broadcast of the show for 30 days, effective immediately.

XM Radio deplored the comments aired on "The Opie & Anthony Show" last week. At the time, the company strongly expressed its views to Opie and Anthony, and they issued an immediate apology.

Comments made by Opie and Anthony on yesterday's broadcast put into question whether they appreciate the seriousness of the matter. The management of XM Radio decided to suspend Opie and Anthony to make clear that our on-air talent must take seriously the responsibility that creative freedom requires of them.

As a company, XM provides customers with tools to control what they listen to on XM. "The Opie & Anthony Show" appears on one of XM's explicit language channels (XL). Whenever a radio is tuned to an explicit language channel, the letters "XL" continuously appear on the screen. XM frequently mentions on its explicit language channels that the content may be inappropriate for certain listeners and tells how to "block" channels that feature this type of content. Channel blocking is available through xmradio.com or by calling 1-800-XMRADIO.
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Subject:OnA Fired?
Posted by:dumpsterkeeper.
Time:4:34 pm.
I managed to get Wackbag to load. A big red announcement posted by Zagman says the following:

"I have just received word that O&A have been FIRED from XM!!!

I was told this by an extremely trusted source, and not an employee/relative of an XM employee.

Get on the phone, cancel your XM.

If XM feels the sting of thousands of people canceling their subs, then there is some soft of a chance!"

Please, Please let this be wrong....
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Posted by:wahhappen.
Time:2:46 pm.
Mood: numb.
I just found out that OnA have been suspended for 30 days from XM starting immediately. I can't get on our message boards to find out more details, but a statement is on OpieAndAnthony.com.

I WILL be canceling my XM subscription after work, and if they go back on the air, I will renew. I don't need XM if I don't have my boys. And I don't have ANY confidence that they will get back on the air if XM follows the precent set by CBS regarding Imus and JV & Elvis.

Please join PeopleAgainstCensorship.com (if you haven't already) so we can get our membership numbers up. It will help our cause when we fight for our boys’ right to broadcast. Thanks.

I'm numb.


----- Edit 3:21 PM -----

According to recordonline.com, their CBS show will still air from 6-9 AM EST. However, no replays or Worst Of shows will be played on XM while they are suspended.

I guess XM is offering a one- to two-month credit for the month that they are off. I will be calling for it the second I get off of work. That's if I don't cancel altogether.

----- Edit 4:01 PM -----

Here is the audio that supposedly got them suspended because I guess they were told not to talk about it. Unreal.
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Subject:Just In...
Posted by:top_dead_center.
Time:2:49 pm.
Ron and Fez just announced that, starting today, O&A are suspended for 30 days. They aren't even replaying their show.
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